edc-alg-sc-2 January 27

Teacher Showcase: Edcite-formatted Exams with Katherine Jensen

Check this out to hear about Katherine Jensen, Northview math teacher, adminstering semester exams in Edcite for better AIR test prep.

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2017 Test Preparation

Check out the AIR and ACT resources developed by the district for the 2017 testing cycle.

edcite 2 February 16

Resource Introduction: Edcite

Want to make your own AIR-style assessments? Check out Edcite!

health-research-p7-bullying-youtube January 05

Teacher Showcase: Student Video Production with Tracy Donnelly and Kristen Ireland

Our new digital playground makes student video easier than ever before. Check out how two Northview teachers are doing it!

maxresdefault December 08

Teacher Showcase: Interactive Video Instruction with Anna Drake-Kotz

Leave 20th century TV behind with Anna Drake-Kotz and Edpuzzle interactive video instruction!

ft-sample-time-0_00_1927 December 06

Teacher Showcase: Mastering Fluency with Tim Nottke

To support his students’ reading fluency, McCord teacher Tim Nottke has embraced Fluency Tutor, an amazing digital solution. Check out his story!

new-sites November 29

Resource Introduction: The New Google Sites

The new Google Sites makes web building in class easier than ever before. Check out how!

20161109_100719 November 10

Teacher Showcase: Talking to a Thesaurus with Holly Welsch and Diane Long

At McCord Junior High School, Holly Welsch and Diane Long bring Amazon’s Echo into the classroom for word study.

chiapetta-student-reclining October 20

Teacher Showcase: Recording Visual Imagery with Heather Chiapetta

At Northview, Heather Chiapetta helps her students build comprehension of visual imagery through their own voices.