PD Session: Differentiated Digital Assessments

Part of Sylvania’s 2015 Summer PD Series

Presented by Dave Budas and Michelle Morgan

Last presented on June 17, 2015

Join us to create a differentiated digital assessment that has built in remediation. You will create a digital test/quiz using Google Forms that directs students to more difficult questions or directs them to questions with support to help remediate. Teachers will also be given formulas that will grade these tests/quizzes automatically. Both elementary and secondary teachers are encouraged to attend!

Couldn’t make the session?  Check out this video from Amy Mayer, educational technologist, on using Flubaroo, a central resource from Dave’s session!

Session Materials

Dave Budas’s Google Slides Presentation

“Google Forms-Creating Quizzes and Analyzing Data” (video: 8:54)

Flubaroo Download

Flubaroo’s Text-Based Instructions