PD Session: Google-Charging Your Classroom

Part of Sylvania’s 2015 Summer PD Series

Presented by Lauren Clark and Alexander Clarkson

Scheduled for Presentation on September 24, 2015 at 8:00 AM at the Southview media center

From the ad: “Join us for a session on the development of a digital classroom for the 21st Century. Walk away with a ready-to-use digital classroom in order to effectively communicate with students. Learn how to post and grade assignments, send announcements, and build interactive discussions! This session is designed for any teacher.”

In this session, teachers will first learn what Google Classroom is. Then,the presenter will help them create their own class and perform the basic functions of making announcements, posting assignments, grading assignments, posting a variety of content, communicating, and customizing the design. Teachers will leave with a classroom they can use immediately and ideas for extending its use.

Couldn’t make the session?  Check out this video from full instructional video on the setting up Google Classroom!

Session Materials

Session Agenda

Lauren Clark’s Google Slides Presentation

SDL Resource Introduction to Google Classroom

Previewing a New Classroom” by Google (Video 1:42)

Classroom 101″ by Google (Video 2:18)