Resource Introduction: Screencastify

What is it?

Screencastify is a Chrome app that can record your desktop or a single tab in Chrome. That means you download the extension, and it connects to your Google account. Log into any desktop, set up a webcam and microphone, and record. Record what? Anything you can see on the screen! Display Internet pages, presentations, documents, or yourself. You can include them all together as well. The utility is as simple as the tried and true SmartNotebook recorder, so if you’ve used that successfully, you should have no problem here.

How can I use it?

Of course, the goal is to flip some or all of your class by recording video instruction for students to consume at home so they can apply the knowledge in class. Screencastify will help you do that. But let’s think of other applications. How about putting it in your students’ hands so they can record and post video blogs or collaborative discussions? Learning to record opens a wealth of instructional possibilities, so take this step to including recording as part of your regular instruction.

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Check out this short video by Chris Betcher to help you get started.  Then, check out the resources below for more information.

Resource Links

Screencastify Home Page

Screencastify Chrome Download