August 19

Join the 21st Century Leadership Team!

After years of developing teams of teachers to lead the district, Sylvania Schools is continuing with the strength of the 21st Century Leadership Team.

The team has been responsible for teacher-to-teacher support, professional development sessions, guidance through new standards and standardized testing, development of technology integration, and a host of other vital communication and training tasks. This year, the teachers chosen to compose the team will continue that leadership.

Teacher leaders will provide professional development support at both the building and district level, participate in district-level strategy development, develop support resources, and manage building and district communication. For those tasks, we’re looking for teachers that are experts in their content-area standards, have experience integrating digital instructional practices, and, most importantly, demonstrate the ability to collaborate with other teachers. The position requires strong leadership work, and it offers the best opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across the district, playing a vital role in the direction of all Sylvania’s schools.

If you are chosen to be a 21st Century Learning Leader, you will be expected to attend a two-hour after-school meeting in September, along with monthly meetings throughout the year. Check the schedule below. At our first meeting we will discuss expectations for you as the leader, covering the framework for monthly meetings, goals to accomplish throughout the year and more. Service and time will be compensated at the district hourly rate of pay. Time allotted is by level and subject and is listed below.

The number of leaders chosen per building is based on the number of teachers and subjects/grades. All information and questions must be completed on the application below in order to be considered for the position.

Getting Started!

Opening Meeting for Elementary Leaders: September 24th, 4:00 PM at Central Trail Elementary

Opening Meeting for Secondary Leaders: September 21st, 3:30 PM at McCord Junior High

Getting Paid!

Elementary Leaders: 30 hours pay for each leader at the hourly district rate of pay

Secondary Math and ELA Leaders: 50 hours pay for each leader at the hourly district rate of pay

Secondary Science, SS, and Supporting Disciplines Leaders: 30 hours pay for each leader at the hourly district rate of pay

Signing Up!

To complete the application, open this form.