October 05


PD Session: Basic Google Literacy

2015-04-09 Alex at Domo's Sushi 004Presented by Alex Clarkson

Next presentation to be announced.

From the ad: “Do you feel lost when someone starts talking about Google Docs, Drive, Forms, Classroom, Slides, and . . . uh . . . all the rest? Relax and come to this session! We will work on basic principles in Google products, such as sharing documents, organizing drive, converting Microsoft Office files, and more. Advanced users, stay away! This is the session for beginning users and those that want to make sure they know the basics.”

In this session, participants will explore the three basic concepts in Google’s approach to education: cloud computing, account-based services, and file sharing. In exploring those concepts, participants will explore Chrome and Drive, learning not only some basic tasks, but the reason behind them. Participants will leave understanding the basic approach being used in Google Apps for Education.

Couldn’t make the session? ┬áCheck out this cool video from Google on their evolution over the years! Then, check out the resource links below for specific help with specific apps.

Session Materials

Alex’s Presentation

“Drive and Docs: Basics” (Video 5:35)

“Chrome: Basics” (Video 5:33)

“Chromebooks: Basics” (Video 4:35)

“Gmail: Basics” (Video 4:14)

“Calendar: Basics” (Video 4:18)

“Google Classroom: Mission Control for Students and Teachers” (Video 2:01)

“YouTube: Basics” (Video 5:46)

Google Apps Learning Center