PD Session: Quizzes, Games, Oh My!

Presented by Carol Bohland, Aaron Joplin, and Korinne Turnbell

Last presented on October 19, 2015 as part of the Sylvania Fall Inservice Day; Next presentation to be announced!

From the ad: “Would you like interactive fun that can move from Smartboard to Chromebook to Smartphone? Then join us for an exploration of some of the best tools in digital, including Quizlet, Socrative, and Kahoot! Learn how to unlock the power of these tools for instruction, review, and fun!”

Teachers will come away with technology tools they can readily operate in the classroom to use as a formative assessment, to guide student learning, and to prepare for summative assessments in a fun and engaging way.

Couldn’t make the session?  

Quizzes, Games, Oh My! Presentation

Check out this video from Kahoot! on how to play!

Session Materials


Socrative Video Overview

Kahoot! for Teachers Mastering

Kahoot! for Students Playing

SDL Resource Introduction on Kahoot!

SDL Resource Introduction on Socrative


Quizlet Video Overview