October 19

Elementary Teachers! It’s not over! The learning of the fall inservice is still here!

Thanks to all of the teacher presenters from the 21st Century Learning Leadership Team and guests for the wealth of valuable training sessions at the 2015 fall inservice!

But, it does not end here. Below, you will find links to presentations for most sessions. Not able to attend one you wanted to attend? Check out the presentation. Want more guidance? Ask the presenter. Remember, the learning does not end here. Take these professional development opportunities and make them your own! We stand ready to continue the discussion.

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Session Title Room Session 1 Session 2
Breaking the Barriers to YouTube 221
Bringing Digital into the Art Classroom 200
Bringing Digital into the Music Classroom 010
Communication with Google Classroom and Remind 218
Internet Goodies, Part 1 204
Internet Goodies, Part 2 217
Learning to Navigate Google Drive 216
Making the Most of Journeys 218
Math Stations for the Intermediate Math Teacher [Michelle Morgan’s Additional Presentation] 217/219
Math Stations for the Primary Math Teacher 205
No Tears Allowed! A Session in Handwriting and Keyboarding without Tears 222
Power Up your Gradebook with PowerSchool 100
The Digital Daily 5 for English Language Arts 202
The Wonderful World of Weebly, the Website for Your Classroom! [Sarah Shanahan’s Additional Presentation] 207/206
Unlocking Student Potential with Formative Assessment 206
Welcome to Your Google Classroom! 223