December 09


Resource Introduction: Paper Rater


What is it?

Paper Rater provides a wide range of feedback on student writing. It functions a bit like a grammar checker and a bit like a plagiarism checker all in one package. By using it, students can see reports on their spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence variety, academic vocabulary usage, style, and more. It also checks the paper against material on the Internet to proof for plagiarism. The really impressive aspect of the software, though, is that it asks for the skill level of the writer and type of writing. This enables it to customize its reports to the writer and purpose, making reports that give perspective to the student’s writing.

How can I use it?

This service fills the void of grammar checking in Google Docs. During the process of composition, students should be encouraged to check their writing through Paper Rater and use the feedback to polish. The grammar and spell check is somewhat satisfactory, but the style and sentence variety reports are excellent, so this service may be better suited for improved style of writing than nuts and bolts grammar. Still, instructing students in its use can give them access to a powerful tool for differentiated assistance.

Who’s using it?

Check out these teachers that know and use Paper Rater in your school. Ask them for help!

At Southview, Paul Moffitt

Are you or someone you know using this? Notify us, and we’ll post your or their name here as a building expert! Email to

Check out this complete tutorial in the usage of Paper Rater from Judy Richter.

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