February 02

AIR Testing: Elementary Student Training Resources

Training Program

Facts about the training process:

  • Teachers will use AIR’s tutorial #1, “Sign-in and Navigation Tutorial,” to help students master signing-in and navigation.
  • Teachers will use specific tutorials found below to help students master content-specific tools.
  • Students can use the “Student Practice Portal” to access a practice test and follow along during teacher instruction.

Training Procedure.png

If you participated in student training during the 2014-2015 year, you will find this program and its videos familiar. Consider what worked for you and your students last year.

AIR Student Practice Button

Training Videos

Click on a button below for the video link.

AIR Tutorial #1 Button

AIR Tutorial Video Button 3-ELA

AIR Tutorial Video Button 3-Math.jpg

AIR Tutorial Video Button 4-SS

G4 ELA Tutorial Video Button.png

G4 Math Tutorial Video Button.png

AIR Tutorial Video Button 5-Sci

G5 ELA Tutorial Video Button.png

G5 Math Tutorial Video Button.png

Extra Resources

Ohio’s Test Preparation Resources A folder of helpful test-direct resources

AIR Test Terminology Akron Public Schools’ helpful terminology list

Infohio’s Tech Skills for Online Training Activities to train students in digital test skills