March 08


Insight: Making Reading Individualization Happen Part 5-Wrapping It Up!

This post is the conclusion of a series exploring instruction through reading individualization . Check out the other posts as well!


The growing reliance on 1:1 teaching models has led to an increase in demand for leveled reading content. Neither of these trends is showing any sign of diminishing in the future, so the availability of technology-leveled reading should become not only desirable, but ubiquitous. As this happens, schools and teachers will need to become increasingly aware of the best practices in instruction and professional development. If careful and consistent attention is given to the principles of individualization based on leveled readings, rather than the resources that provide them, then teachers can develop practices that will work with any resource providing leveled readings. Springboarding and stretching should become instructional practices as well known as scaffolding and formative assessment.


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