May 24


Resource Introduction: Quizizz

What is it?

Quizizz is designed specifically for teachers wanting to use game format for more focused, student-paced assessments. Unlike Kahoot!, Quizziz places responsibility and power in the hands of the individual student, who will complete quiz games on their device, without the centralization of the game board. The energetic socialization of Kahoot! may be lost, but in its place is rich grade results for more formal assessments.

How can I use it?

You can use Quizizz for everything from independent review practice to formal tests, but as discussed above, the tool is primarily designed for individual student assessment, so use it more like an assessment generator than a whole class game of fun.

Who’s using it?


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Check out Mickie Mueller’s excellent video introduction to Quizizz. After watching it, check out part two.

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