August 18


Resource Update: Google Classroom Reaches out to Parents!

Google has rolled out several new features of Google Classroom for the 2016-2017 school year, and, as always, they seem to be listening to teachers. One of the most requested features of Google Classroom has been parent access, and now a form of that is here. Teachers can invite parents to receive daily or weekly notifications. That notification, called a “Guardian Summary,” will summarize assignments, questions, and announcements as well as list missing work. If you use Google Classroom with fidelity, this upgrade is fantastic. You will be able to give parents the clear and quick information they need to stay on top of things. Even better, parents will receive one update per student, not per class. Your updates will automatically collect with other teachers’. How cool is this? Look at the example update below. Then, read further for more information.

Classroom Summary.png

Want to know how to do it? Check out the tutorial below or scroll further to links to Google help pages.

Google Support Page of Guardian Summaries for Teachers

Google Support Page of Guardian Summaries for Parents

Google Apps for Education Back to School Update August 2016

Oh, and by the way, Google also added the ability to specific subjects when creating Classrooms and topics when creating posts. Even though none of that is as cool as the Guardian Summaries, you can still read about them in the update linked above.