August 25


Teacher Showcase: Cool units from the Lourdes Summer Collaborative 2016

You may not have the chance to visit your fellow teachers’ classrooms as often as you’d like (or perhaps ever), but you can still steal a glimpse into their teaching. One of the many ways that’s glimpse is happening this year is the sharing of the Lourdes Summer Collaborative.

Over two dozen teachers from nearly all grade levels and buildings gathered this past summer to discuss and develop instructional units with a focus on differentiation. The collaborative discussed how to apply one or more qualities of differentiated instruction, such as using formative data to modify instruction, providing individual choice in student projects, diversifying support materials for different learning styles, and more. The result was a series of full units of study applying those approaches across the spectrum of Sylvania classes and student populations.

And they’re here for you. The presentation below provides a directory of each participating teacher’s unit with a link to the full version. Each unit document is extensive, providing day-by-day breakdown of class activities, links to materials, and explanation and justification of each step. So open the presentation, browse through the units, and check out what your peers have created for you to share. Each teacher is listed with an email link, so feel free to contact them to discuss what you see. All teachers have agreed to allow you to use these materials as you will. Enjoy!