October 12

EdPuzzle for Bringing Differentiation, Individualization, and Engagement to Any Video

Anna Drake-Kotz (AH)

In our age of YouTube, students have grown to love learning through video. Now, you can take that engagement and make it work for you. Learn how you can use Edpuzzle to add interactive dimensions to videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course, and more. Add questions. Assess data. It’s all here! AND it is 100% free.

Participants will take a YouTube video, TED talk, personal lesson video, Crash Course, etc and add assessment questions to the video. Teachers can also search Edpuzzle for existing “Edpuzzles” to copy and use in their classroom. After a brief introduction, teachers will find a video and get to work creating an edpuzzle activity for their classroom. Participants will leave having learned how to create an Edpuzzle, how to share them with students, and how to track student progress.

Resource Links

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