October 12

Google Classroom for Beginners or Recent Beginners

Presented by Sara Nelson (TS) and Jen McDonald (TS)

re you not yet using Google Classroom? Are you using it, but not feeling like you’re using it to its potential? Join us for a session designed to make you comfortable with this excellent online classroom and its ever-improving functions.

Participants will learn the basic functions of Google Classroom, the new functions this year, and how to utilize this resource to run an effective classroom setting.  Most of the session will be spent settign up your own Classroom account and learning how to make the program work best for you in your classes.

Video Links and Introduction

Resource Links

Classroom Help

SDL Resource Introduction: Google Classroom

SDL Cool Trick: Share to Classroom

SDL Cool Trick: Review Discussions in Google Classroom

SDL Cool Trick: End of Year Wrap-up for Google Classroom

SDL Resource Update: Google Classroom Reaches out to Parents!