October 13

Transforming Math Assessments in AIR Preparation through Edcite

Presented by April McGough (SV) and George France (NV)

From the ad: Would you like to make your traditional tests digital? Better yet, would you like to make them look like AIR assessments? Still better, would you like them to auto-grade? Join us to learn how to do this through Edcite.

Participants will . . . learn the basic functions of Edcite to create assessments and curate assessments from others. Most of the session will be spent in converting, finding, and creating individual questions and full assessments, with focus on AIR type questions like drag and drop, free response, drawing points and lines, and multiple choice. Participants will leave with created items and assessments.
Video Link and Introduction to Edcite

Resource Links

Sylvania Digital Learning Resource on Edcite

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Edcite Math Tutorial