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January 16

Ohio Grade 6 English Language Arts Blueprint

This blueprint document includes all 6th grade resources with links to help prepare for state testing.  

January 25

Test Preparation

Check out the AIR and ACT resources developed by the district for the 2017 testing cycle.

February 04

AIR Testing: Accessibility Options

Digital tests mean big changes in accessibility. Read this for details!

February 02

AIR Testing: Test Administrator Resources

Got questions about administering the test? Check this out!

February 02

AIR Testing: Elementary Student Training Resources

Elementary teachers, check here for programs and materials for training students in AIR test approaches.

February 02

AIR Testing: Elementary Content Resources

Check out this post for teacher-curated support resources to help students master contenta area skills for the AIR tests!

February 02

AIR Testing: Secondary Student Training Resources

Are you ready to help your students succeed in a digital testing environment? Then check this out!

February 02

AIR Testing: Secondary Content Resources

If you teach a tested subject, come on inside and check out the content-specific resources ready for you!