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January 25

2017 Test Preparation

Check out the AIR and ACT resources developed by the district for the 2017 testing cycle.

February 04

AIR Testing: Accessibility Options

Digital tests mean big changes in accessibility. Read this for details!

February 02

AIR Testing: Test Administrator Resources

Got questions about administering the test? Check this out!

February 02

AIR Testing: Elementary Student Training Resources

Elementary teachers, check here for programs and materials for training students in AIR test approaches.

February 02

AIR Testing: Elementary Content Resources

Check out this post for teacher-curated support resources to help students master contenta area skills for the AIR tests!

February 02

AIR Testing: Secondary Student Training Resources

Are you ready to help your students succeed in a digital testing environment? Then check this out!

February 02

AIR Testing: Secondary Content Resources

If you teach a tested subject, come on inside and check out the content-specific resources ready for you!

February 02

AIR Testing: 2017 Schedule

Check out the schedule for 2016’s round of state tests!