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October 14

Sylvania Fall Inservice (aka Festival of Fun!)

Come on in to grab the secondary and elementary fall inservice programs.

October 13

Transforming Math Assessments in AIR Preparation through Edcite

Would you like to make your traditional tests digital? Better yet, would you like to make them look like AIR assessments? Still better, would you like them to auto-grade? Join us to learn how to do this through Edcite.

October 12

Simple Quizzes with the New Quiz Mode in Google Forms

Flubaroo users! Did you notice that Google Forms just took over a whole bunch of Flubaroo’s cool grading powers? It’s all part of the new Forms Quiz Mode. Learn how to use it for autograding and data gathering.

October 12

IXL Math for Individual Student Learning

IXL helps students experience math at its most mesmerizing, offering personalized practice recommendations for each student and differentiated approaches, offering visual representations, interactive activities, and more. Learn how to use this resource for student independence in the math classroom!

October 12

Google Classroom for Beginners or Recent Beginners

Are you not yet using Google Classroom? Are you using it, but not feeling like you’re using it to its potential? Join us for a session designed to make you comfortable with this excellent online classroom and its ever-improving functions.

October 12

Digital Tools for Grammar Training

English teachers! Would you like to use digital resources to help your students master grammar standards? Join us for tours of online resources like NoRedInk, IXL, Collections, and more to discover how you can create interactive grammar lessons and empower students for independent work.

October 12

Nearpod for Next Generation Presentations

The old fashioned, teacher-worshipping PowerPoint presentation is quickly dying. Check out what’s replacing it with NearPod. Learn how you can create a presentation that students engage with through interactive elements like quizzes, discussion, and polls. Make your lectures student-centered activities and watch the benefits!

October 12

IEP Writing for Alignment and Digital Process

Struggling through writing IEP’s? You can cut down on that work with some simple tips and digital tools. Join us to learn how to use STAR assessments, and Google Forms for quick and easy data gathering and faster writing of IEP goals.