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April 25

Elementary Homework Survey for Parents, Admission Tickets, and Exit Slips

Use an Admission Ticket, Exit Slip or Elementary Homework Survey for Parents to guide instruction.

April 09

Ohio State Test Prep Materials

Are you looking for a way to prepare your students for the upcoming Ohio State Tests? Do you want your students to see practice questions that include drag and drop, checklist, text-based questions, and label a diagram or image prompts? Follow the links below for resources to prepare your students for the Ohio State Tests. […]

April 03

Assess Student Knowledge, Learning, and Progress: Admission Tickets and Exit Slips

Have you ever wondered how long students are ACTUALLY spending on their homework? Are you looking for another way to find out what questions students had about their homework so you can quickly and thoroughly target those questions? Do you ever wonder what your STUDENTS feel was the most important concept they learned in class that […]

August 31

Join the 21st Century Leadership Team!

The 2016-2017 21st Century Leadership Team is ready to launch. Apply and be part of the team!

June 19

Resource Introduction: OER Commons

Browse through a library of free, teacher-developed resources for the classroom.

June 19

Resource Introduction: FluencyTutor

Struggling readers get a lifeline with FluencyTutor!

January 29

Teacher Showcase: Authentic Achieve3000 Lessons from Northview and Southview

Check out the model lessons from teachers showing their fellow department members Achieve3000-based lessons!

January 26

Cool Trick: Using Data Sheets to Target Student Needs

Are you looking for a way to target your students’ strengths and weaknesses? Do you want to make your students more responsible for their learning? If you answered YES to either of those questions then STUDENT DATA SHEETS may be what you are looking for. Learn how to create these DATA SHEETS to regularly enforce the standards, skills, and knowledge you want your students to master. Students will record and track their scores based on the categories you assess.