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August 29

Cool Trick: Quizzes and Images in Google Forms

Is this the end of Flubaroo? Not quite, but close. Check out how to create quizzes in Google Forms without add-ons.

October 13

PD Session: Mastering Data in the Digital World

So, you’ve created a digital assessment. Now what? How about Flubaroo reports? Join John Word to explore simple tricks to climb out from the burden of data and master it!

October 13

PD Session: Add Flubaroo to Forms for 21st Century Assessments

Want the computer to take over those grading burdens? Want a simple solution for grading student writing quickly and easily online? Then learn Flubaroo, the Google add-on that makes all this possible.

August 19

Resource Introduction: Flubaroo

Here’s the skinny on Flubaroo, that Google add-on that turns forms into self-grading assessments and saves teachers tons of time!

July 09

PD Session: Digital Grading with Flubaroo

Ready to go digital with tests and quizzes? Then get ready to trash those Scantrons and give your teacher’s aides a break. Flubraoo will handle the grading!

June 29

PD Session: Differentiated Digital Assessments

Join us to create an that has built-in remediation. Create a digital test/quiz using Google Forms directing students to more difficult questions or directs them to questions with support to help remediate.