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August 18

Resource Update: Google Classroom Reaches out to Parents!

With new Guardian Summaries, Google Classroom will automatically notify parents of class activities and student work.

May 25

Cool Trick: End of Year Wrap-up for Google Classroom

Don’t delete that Google Classroom and don’t just reuse it next year. Read this post for the best way to preserve the old Classroom and create the new!

October 28

Cool Trick: Share to Classroom

Would you like to open a weblink in a new tab for all of your students in the class with a click of a button? Check this out!

October 21

Cool Trick: Review Discussions in Google Classroom

Learn how to answer all student questions quickly and easily with Google Classroom and a smartphone!

October 13

PD Session: Google Classroom for Beginners and Recent Beginners

Come join us for an exploration of this wonderful online classroom service, from creating and page to best practices for usage.

June 29

PD Session: Google-Charging Your Classroom

Join us for a session on the development of a digital classroom for the 21st Century. Walk away with a ready-to-use digital classroom in order to effectively communicate with students.

June 29

PD Session: Classroom Communication in the 21st Century

Join us to learn how to communicate assignments, announcements, grades, and more through tools that will bring your class into every inbox and cell phone.

June 26

Resource Introduction: Google Classroom

Unlike previous online classrooms, Google Classroom offers simple, streamlined interaction that is easy to master and convenient for students and parents.