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March 10

Cool Trick: Keeping your Drive Organized

Effective Google Drive organization is at your fingertips! Literally! Join the serene masters of digital organization in four steps!

January 12

Resource Introduction: Google Drive

Yes, it may seem like we all know how to use Google Drive, but check this post for all the training you’ll need!

October 28

Cool Trick: Voice Typing and Digital Reading

Learn how to talk to Google Drive and hear it talk back to you!

October 28

Cool Trick: Keeping Users from Copying Google Docs

Learn how to protect your Google documents from copying!

October 14

PD Session: Become Google Literate!

Join us for a discussion of the cloud computing approach of Google. This session is for beginners that want to understand what the changes mean.

October 13

PD Session: Learn How to Navigate in Drive!

Do you feel lost when someone starts talking about Google Docs, Drive, Forms, Slides, and . . . uh . . . all the rest? Relax and come to this session!