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January 26

Cool Trick: Using Data Sheets to Target Student Needs

Are you looking for a way to target your students’ strengths and weaknesses? Do you want to make your students more responsible for their learning? If you answered YES to either of those questions then STUDENT DATA SHEETS may be what you are looking for. Learn how to create these DATA SHEETS to regularly enforce the standards, skills, and knowledge you want your students to master. Students will record and track their scores based on the categories you assess.

January 04

Resource Introduction: Zipgrade

Ditch those Scantrons with ZipGrade!

October 13

PD Session: Mastering Data in the Digital World

So, you’ve created a digital assessment. Now what? How about Flubaroo reports? Join John Word to explore simple tricks to climb out from the burden of data and master it!

October 13

PD Session: Grade Student Writing- 21st Century Style

Skip printing entirely and learn to evaluate writing digitally. It’s easy when you know a few simple tricks.

October 01

Teacher Showcase: Digital Grading with Ali Knowles

Digital is everywhere, even in band! See how Ali Knowles orchestrates digital practices for rich and simple grading.

July 09

PD Session: Digital Grading with Flubaroo

Ready to go digital with tests and quizzes? Then get ready to trash those Scantrons and give your teacher’s aides a break. Flubraoo will handle the grading!

July 06

PD Session: Lose the Red Pen! Go Digital in Grading Writing.

Join us to overcome your fear of grading without a pen. Learn how to use Google Drive to grade as quickly as before, and with richer feedback for students. This session is designed for any ELA teacher.