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April 07

Teacher Showcase: More Achieve3000 Success with Reading, Physical Education, and Financial Management

The spring round of Achieve3000 model lesson professional development showcased literacy in reading, physical education, and business classes.

December 21

Teacher Showcase: Students explore the past at their own pace with Dave Budas!

Join Dave Budas’ 8th grade social studies class for independent exploration into the history of slavery.

December 16

Teacher Showcase: Solving Problems through Achieve3000 with Jamie Holley

Learn how Achieve3000 becomes a collaborative, authentic learning experience in the hands of Arbor Hills’ Jamie Holley!

October 14

PD Session: Differentiation with Digital Resources

Differentiation with Digital Resources is designed to help you create activities that differentiate learning so all students are supported and challenged.

October 14

PD Session: Fostering Independence in Learners

Create a classroom environment where students become responsible for their learning and are taught the skills to learn independently.