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January 27

Teacher Showcase: Edcite-formatted Exams with Katherine Jensen

Check this out to hear about Katherine Jensen, Northview math teacher, adminstering semester exams in Edcite for better AIR test prep.

November 20

Teacher Showcase: Digital AP Math with Greg Christy

In AP Statistics and AP Calculus, Northview’s Greg Christy uses digital tools to help students understand the concepts behind the equations.

November 13

Teacher Showcase: Video Recorded Math Reflections with Julie Young

Traditional math reflections become awesome when Julie Young’s students create them through MoveNote!

October 14

PD Session: Chromebooks and the Math Classroom

What math content can you enhance with Chromebooks in your classroom? What lesson can’t you enhance!?!

October 14

PD Session: You Can Do It with Khan Academy!

Do you need resources to help your math and science students master specific content? Want to get your students actively engaged in learning while differentiating instruction?

October 13

PD Session: Mathematics and the Digital World- What can WE do?

Looking to make a DIFFERENCE educating students in your math class? This session will help you ADD some cool digital activities to your math class

September 03

Teacher Showcase: Pixar Studios? Meet Karma Vince!

Arbor Hills math teacher Karma Vince jumps into Khan Academy’s Pixar in a Box to energize her lessons on shrinking and stretching!