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January 25

Test Preparation

Check out the AIR and ACT resources developed by the district for the 2017 testing cycle.

August 29

Cool Trick: Quizzes and Images in Google Forms

Is this the end of Flubaroo? Not quite, but close. Check out how to create quizzes in Google Forms without add-ons.

May 26

Resource Introduction: Actively Learn

Want to add questions, guidance, and multimedia to texts? Check out the smooth interaction of Actively Learn!

February 16

Resource Introduction: Edcite

Want to make your own AIR-style assessments? Check out Edcite!

January 04

Resource Introduction: Zipgrade

Ditch those Scantrons with ZipGrade!

November 14

Resource Introduction: Zaption

Videos now become quizzes with Zaption! Add questions directly into videos!

November 12

Resource Introduction: Quizlet

Make virtual flashcards and more with Quizlet!

November 12

Resource Introduction: Socrative

Want to manage digital assessments? Try Socrative!