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January 05

Teacher Showcase: Student Video Production with Tracy Donnelly and Kristen Ireland

Our new digital playground makes student video easier than ever before. Check out how two Northview teachers are doing it!

April 26

Teacher Showcase: Learn the Quadratic Formula Online with Julie Young!

Sure, you know the quadratic formula, but wait till you see how Julie Young is teaching it through Weebly, Google Drive, and more!

November 14

Resource Introduction: Zaption

Videos now become quizzes with Zaption! Add questions directly into videos!

November 06

Cool Trick: Quicker “Ripping” of YouTube Videos

Save videos from YouTube quicker and easier than before!

October 13

PD Session: Turn Every Chromebook into a Movie Studio

Come to this session and get introduced to three cool applications that can have a meaningful and beautiful presentation in minutes!

October 13

PD Session: Spread Your Lessons Through Video Recording

Tired of needing to re-explain everything that an absent student missed in your class? Having trouble condensing your 30 explanations into a 5 minute version for those absent students? Problem solved! Video record your lessons!

September 09

Cool Trick: Turn Your Chromebook into a Movie Studio!

Access to Chromebooks empowers our students to record audio and video in exciting ways. Read here to learn five ways to harness this power!

September 09

Resource Introduction: SnagIt

What is it? SnagIt is an extension that plugs into Chrome to record live work on the screen of a Chromebook or desktop. The service records anything that happens on the screen, including a user moving from one tab to the next, searching through the Internet, accessing links, or typing into documents. Anything that the […]